Way of the Cactus has closed. But you can purchase Sways and sensory resources here at The Indie Shop, part of Indie Disability Support

Way of the Cactus has closed. But you can purchase Sways and sensory resources here at The Indie Shop, part of Indie Disability Support

Frequently Asked Questions


Why are you called Way of the Cactus? What does it mean?

Check out the 'Our Story' page to find out! 

What does 'neurodivergent' mean?

A neurodivergent person has a brain that works differently to a 'neurotypical' brain. A neurotypical brain is what most people have in their heads. It functions in a way that society has decided is 'normal'. Between the 4 adults and 5 children who make up the Cactus family, we have brains that are autistic, ADHD, dyslexic, and anxious. We are proudly neurodivergent.

Who do I contact if I have questions before or after a purchase?
Please use the Contact Us form on our website to start an email conversation with us. Leia, Leif, Jules and Bri respond to all emails personally. We know our products back to front, and we care about our business and our community so will do our very best to help. If you would prefer to talk on the phone or another way, just let us know when you first contact us.


Product Information

What does ‘sensory friendly’ mean?

We have specifically selected clothing that meets the needs of children and adults who find some aspects of their clothing highly uncomfortable. This means our clothes are super soft, have gentle seams, don’t pinch or pull, and are easy to put on and off. We don’t stock any clothes with zips, Velcro, buttons (except one button to fasten the cloak) or other fiddly bits to get in the way.

Why organic cotton?

For lots of reasons! Firstly, farming of organic cotton is better for the environment as it helps to improve the quality of land, prevents water contamination and conserves biodiversity. It’s also better for the farmers as it doesn’t involve the use of toxic chemicals that impact on the health of them and their families. Organic cotton is better for your family too as it causes fewer allergies compared to conventional cotton and is softer to the touch.

What does GOTS certified mean?

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain. This means that the item you buy doesn’t mess up the environment in the production process and ensures that the people making the product are paid and treated fairly.

What does ‘made ethically’ mean?

You may have noticed that clothing has gotten very cheap in the last five years or so. You can now buy a tee for $5! This is sometimes referred to as ‘fast’ and ‘disposable’ fashion. Most clothing made now is made by people in developing countries who are not being treated fairly. They don’t receive a living wage, are not able to take regular work breaks, have no access to childcare or sick leave and work unpaid overtime to rush out orders of cheap clothes. All of the items we sell are made fairly with workers being paid a living wage and treated well. We know this because we spent many, many hours researching carefully and rejected a staggering amount of products due to vague answers from suppliers. What we’ve chosen for you is only those products that are either fully certified as ethically manufactured (WRAP or Fair Trade certifications) or are hand crafted by artisans who we have been personally contacted. This stuff matters a whole deal to us.

Are all of your products vegan?

Yes! None of the items we stock contain any animal products at all. This means no wool, silk, leather or beeswax. 




Where do you ship? How much will it cost?

We ship to most locations worldwide using major logistics providers. We offer standard or express shipping at checkout, with rates kept as low as possible. Prices are visible at checkout. 

Do you offer in store pickup?

We don’t have a shop front, so orders must be shipped.

How long will it take to get my order? 

Delivery times depend on the shipping option you select - Standard or Express. We provide information about shipping times over here > Shipping and returns *

Our shipping and returns page also has information about what to do if you have placed an order with us and have a question about delivery. 


Returns and Refunds

What if I am unhappy with a product purchased? What is the return policy?

If for some reason if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please contact us within 28 Days of receiving your item. You can either return the item in its original condition and receive a full refund OR request a replacement. If there is a problem with your product outside of the 28 days, please contact us and we will arrange return for replacement, repair or refund.

We have lots more information about refunds and returns here: Shipping and returns *


Privacy & Checkout

Why is my checkout in AUD?

Although you can shop our store in your local currency, checkout has to be in Australian dollars. Shopify, who host our store and checkout, retain strict control over the checkout process and page so that our store meets PCI DSS security compliance. They make our store checkout remain in the currency of the Country our business and store is registered - Australia. Currency conversion is in real-time at rates from xe.com

What are my payment options?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and most other credit cards. 

We also accept Apple Pay, and PayPal.

We do not see, process or store your payment information. Your payment is processed by PayPal or Stripe (for credit card and Apple Pay). Both are PCI DSS compliant so you can be confident that your data is encrypted and secure. 

Do you store any of my information?

We personally hate being harassed with email marketing spam after placing an order. So we don't do that to you. You have the option of checking a box to receive our newsletter Living the Way, but whether you sign up for that is 100% up to you. 

You do also have the option of ticking a check box to save your information on our store hosting site, shopify, for next time you visit our store to make checkout faster. Again, that's 100% up to you.

Your own web browser might be set to enable cookies and that means our website will keep track of your cart so that you don't lose it when you click away. Your web browser might also pre-fill forms for you such as name, address and phone number at checkout. 

Please read our privacy policy for more information.

Why do you need my phone number and email address?

We need your email address to send you confirmation of your order, your invoice after payment, and any tracking information. We don't email you for anything not related to your order unless you check the box to receive our newsletter.

Our logistics providers require a phone number so that the courier or postal service can contact you if they have any problems making delivery to your address. We don't send marketing information via text and we don't pass your number on to anyone other than your shipping providers. 


Product Care

How do I hang the Nest Swing by ZaZa?

Full instructions for how to hang the ZaZa hammock are included with the hammock.

How do I care for my Sway board?

You should receive use and care instructions for the Sway when your board is delivered. Or click through to this page for Sway Use and Care Instructions.