Way of the Cactus has closed. But you can purchase Sways and sensory resources here at The Indie Shop, part of Indie Disability Support

Way of the Cactus has closed. But you can purchase Sways and sensory resources here at The Indie Shop, part of Indie Disability Support

The story of unique sensory clothing needs

August 03, 2017

The story of unique sensory clothing needs

We have kids who have very particular needs when it comes to clothing. Between our two neurodiverse families, we have two nudists, a child who can't stand underwear and another who we have frankly lost sleep over trying to find clothing he will wear. 

Who knew that finding clothes for kids could become a full time project? It's not  something that parents with kids who'll happily wear anything could possibly understand. 

If it was a simple matter of having a preference for a particular colour or style, we could easily accomodate that. But children with unique sensory clothing needs are a little trickier to clothe than that. Sometimes it's really hard to figure out what elements of clothing are bothering them and why. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you just can't figure it out!

Based on our own kids and many others that we know, we've identified some key elements that all kids with sensory clothing needs seem to share in common. They need soft waistbands that they can't feel, soft fabrics that don't rub against their skin, gentle seams that don't poke or prod and a fit that is just right for them.

Beyond that though, it can be tricky because although many kids with clothing sensitivities will share those common needs, they can also be really different in what they like. 

Some will prefer a loose fit and others like the feel of firm clothes. Some have colour preferences and pattern aversions, others love a full rainbow of colours and patterns. Some will only wear dresses and others refuse all pyjamas. Some wonderful kids are mysteries and no matter how much you try and figure out the reasoning behind their clothing needs - you just can't!

At Way of the Cactus, we accept neurodiverse kids just as they are and we celebrate their unique sensory needs. As neurodiverse adults ourselves, we share many of those same needs.

This led us to search the planet for a clothing range that would work for all kids and adults, regardless of what they're particular sensory needs were. We have something for everyone!

We know that the clothing range we offer is not cheap but we've cut our profit margin to make it as affordable as we can so that you can try it out to feel the difference. Everything we stock is 100% organic soft cotton with non-toxic dyes. It's also made ethically because we can't wrap our bodies or the bodies of our children in clothing made by people who are not treated fairly. 

So that you can try for yourself, we've put together some amazing clothing bundles for you at an introductory discount price - our Earthy Organics Kids Bundle, Soft and Sweet Organics Basics Kids Bundle, and our Soft Lines Organic Adults Bundle.

We know that if you try them, you'll love them. Your days of buying clothing only to have to pass them on to relatives and friends because no one will wear them is over!