Way of the Cactus has closed. But you can purchase Sways and sensory resources here at The Indie Shop, part of Indie Disability Support

Way of the Cactus has closed. But you can purchase Sways and sensory resources here at The Indie Shop, part of Indie Disability Support

Running a business with social media aversion

January 25, 2018

Running a business with social media aversion

None of us here at Way of the Cactus love to use social media. We have complicated feelings about it. Two of us can dabble in it now and again and do just fine (Jules and Leif). Two of us have developed a pretty intense social media aversion (Bri and Leia).

This makes things tricky because creating an international community and running a business these days pretty much means you MUST use social media. We’ve had lots of discussions about how to do this in ways that doesn’t pull us into participating in something that makes us feel yuck.

We aren’t anti-technology by any means. We love connecting with friends from all around the world online – in fact, it’s how the friendship between our two families developed. Bri and Leia have worked together online on lots of different projects and have met amazing people who have enriched their lives. As neurodivergent people, we know that connecting with people via technology is often the most comfortable way to make friends.

But social media is a whole other game. We feel the way it pulls at our attention and understand that this is what it has been designed to do – to get more of our time by hacking our psychology so that our dopamine pings each time we use it, ensuring we come back for more and more.

But how do you run a business with social media aversion?

We think we’ve found an answer to that and we want to share it with you, so we can be transparent about what to expect from us in our social media use and the direction we are choosing to take in 2018.

Way of the Cactus has an Instagram account (@wayofthecactus) and a Facebook page. We schedule 3 posts a week on Instagram to showcase some of the ethically made sensory treasures we stock in our small online shop, and we share these to our Facebook page. Occasionally, we also share a story on Instagram or an extra post if the urge takes us. We visit Instagram and Facebook once a day to see if there are any messages we need to respond to. That’s it.

Instead of pushing our business hard on social media, we are putting our energies into writing blog posts to share with our community. We think these add more value. These will be housed on our website under the Our Journal menu and a short preview will be shared to Instagram and Facebook.

We have a suspicion that in the future more and more online communities, businesses and publishers will be encouraging their audiences back to their websites instead of engaging with them through their social media accounts. It’s a more intentional way of engaging that means that you can choose when to read our content and do so in a way where you aren’t pulled into the ‘scroll of death’ on social media (as Jules likes to call it!).

Our brains don’t appreciate the attention hijacking that seems to happen with all the noise on social media. So we are making a change. To celebrate our new approach, we are offering everyone 10% our entire range in our online store. Simply enter the code WELCOME2018 at checkout (valid until January 31st, 2018).

So come visit us on our website. It’s nice and quiet over here.