Way of the Cactus has closed. But you can purchase Sways and sensory resources here at The Indie Shop, part of Indie Disability Support

Way of the Cactus has closed. But you can purchase Sways and sensory resources here at The Indie Shop, part of Indie Disability Support

Introducing My Fair Baby

February 20, 2018

Introducing My Fair Baby

We are always on the lookout for awesome businesses that share the Way of the Cactus vibe and we have found a great one to tell you about – My Fair Baby – which sells ethically made products focusing on babies.

The heart behind My Fair Baby is Cynthia, who after hearing about the existence of modern slavery, felt called to start a business to address social inequality, and My Fair Baby was born!  After travelling to India, Cynthia became even more passionate about issues associated with modern slavery.

Cynthia says, ‘It was an eye-opening trip where I visited over-populated cities and remote villages. Both cities and villages had appalling conditions. Some bonded in slavery through generations. I just cannot fathom where you’re born is almost like the luck of the draw. If you draw the short straw, you’re born into slavery, with no opportunity for education, no hope and no future. Women in particular are the most disadvantaged. Forced to marry early, their plight in life is to produce offspring and work the land. I looked into the eyes of these women and it’s as if their eyes say ‘Is that all there is to this?’. The whole experience cut deep into my spirit’.

At My Fair Baby you can choose unique hand crafted baby blankets, super soft baby clothes, kids clothing, eco-friendly toys and fairtrade gift sets. You might recognise some of the brands, including Little Green Radicals, From Babies with Love, Moonbird and Global Mamas. Cynthia’s range is small and select – like our own – reflecting her desire to make sure that she only stocks those items that are just right.

Everything that My Fair Baby sells is made ethically, eco-friendly and non-toxic and all profits go to organisations they partner with that manage life transforming projects to communities in need. They are a member of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand.

One of the organisations that My Fair Baby works with is Restore India, who fund educational and vocational training, healthcare and income generation programs in North India. One such program that they support is Project Sahyog (which means ‘support’) - an income generation project that helps people from North Indian communities start small enterprises. These include sewing schools, candle and chocolate making and handicraft income generation activities. In 2013, profits from My Fair Baby helped to establish a sewing enterprise in Delhi that is still going today, making school uniforms for the local community.

Like us, Cynthia feels a strong connection with her customers. She says that ‘the great thing about being in the ethical business space is meeting heaps of people who are just as passionate about spreading the knowledge of why ethical purchases are key to creating a fairer world. I’m always delighted to meet with customers especially those who have bought from us before’.

Head on over to the My Fair Baby website and take a look at what Cynthia is doing. We particularly love the blog, which shares stories from others seeking to promote ethical buying and highlights the makers of some of the products My Fair Baby sells.

It’s so nice to see the ethical buying and social enterprise space growing!